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Accommodations available for exhange students (Eramsus, conventions)

The International Office of the University of Cergy-Pontoise (UCP) signed an agreement with the 'Centre Regional des Oeuvres Universitaires' (CROUS). Consequently, the office can book only for exchange students a limited numbers of rooms in CROUS student residences.

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Applying for a CROUS student room

 List of CROUS student halls of residence:


 Type of Residence

 Monthly rent (for 2014-2015)

Irène Joliot-Curie (at Neuville)


€ 433

Les Chênes d'Or

T1Bis - Double occupancy rooms with
shared kitchenette and bathroom facilities

€ 338

Les Linandes Mauves


€ 469

Le Square de l'Echiquier


If your are looking for a CROUS room:
1. We invite you to fill out the document "Accommodation Information Form" that has been sent to you by email.
Keep in mind that this document is not a booking request but an informative document that will allow the Incoming Mobility Team to take into account your will to get an accommodation in a CROUS residence.
Please do not forget to date and sign the document before sending it back to the Incoming Mobility Team (by email and by regular post along with your application form).

- Students who come for a full academic year (10-month mobility) have priority
- Students who come for one semester, rooms are assigned on a "first-come, first-served" basis
- Students who did not get a CROUS housing are invited to search for a rental in the private sector or via our accommodation plateform called Studapart.

2. After receipt of your "Accommodation Information Form", the Incoming Mobility Team will sent to you a confirmation email with the procedure to book a student room.

Student residences application deadlines
You have to submit your form before:
- April 30th, 2016: for students who arrive at the UCP for the 1st semester (winter semester) and for the whole academic year
- October 31st, 2016: for students who arrive at the UCP for the 2nd semester (spring semester)

your arrival at Cergy, you have to pay a UCP Deposit of € 350 to the UCP via bank transfer while booking your student room.
At the end of your mobility or as soon as you completed the subscription to the 'CLE Caution', € 300 will be given back to you. The reimbursement is subject to the payment of all the rents you owe to the CROUS.
Please keep in mind that € 50 will be kept by the UCP for administrative charges

For exchange students at the UCP School of Law:
You will find here a list of residenes available for students who will study at the School of Law:


CROUS student housing can be rented for the following durations:

  • For the 1st semester rental period: from September 1st, 2016 to January, 31st, 2017
  • For the 2nd semester rental period: from January 1st, 2017 to June 30th, 2017
  • For full academic year rental period: from September 1st, 2016 to June 30th, 2017


It is compulsory for students who get a CROUS housing to subscribe to a French home insurance.
This home insurance must be delivered by a French insurance company or by a French bank settled in the French territory.
The document must bear the address of the CROUS Residence and must be valid during the whole period of your stay.
We strongly advise you to take out the insurance before your arrival in Cergy.

Indeed, at your arrival at the university of Cergy-Pontoise, you must be able to provide to the Incoming Mobility Team and to the staff of the CROUS the multi-risk home insurance (it covers the damages that could occur in your CROUS room) and the 'civil responsibility' (it covers injuries you could accidentally cause to a third party).

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to get your keys without showing us and the CROUS your home insurance certificate.


Once arrived in Cergy, students who get an accommodation at a CROUS residence have to sing up to the CLE Caution.
The Incoming Mobility Team can assist you to fulfill this procedure.
Do not forget to bring these following documents:

- the passport and visa
- the UCP student card and the sheet with your certificate of enrollement .you received after your administrative enrolment at the UCP
- the French bank account information
- the certificaite of residence edited by the CROUS and that was given to you at your arrival in the residence





To create your file and to sign your lease agreement with the CROUS, you need to bring with you:

- 3 ID photographs
- 1 copy of your passport and visa
- your bank account information from your country



If you have a student room with the CROUS, you are liable for the payment of the rent at the beginning of each month and for the entire rental period.

The rent must be paid in euros and can be made by debit card, bank check or cash.

NOTE: Whatever is your entry or depature date, please take in mind that the whole month's rent is due.
As an example: if you enter or depart on January 15th, you will have to pay the rent for the month of January.


At your entry at the residence, the CROUS will ask you to pay the first month rent and a CROUS security deposit.

The amount of that CROUS security deposit is between € 130 and €460 depending on the residence (equivalent to a month's rent).

If no degradation is noticed during the period of occupancy, then the CROUS will refund your security deposit after your departure from the residence.
Please do not forget to hand to the CROUS the copy of your bank information of your country.


This procedure called 'état des lieux' in french must be prepared and signed by you and the CROUS on that day at your arrival or departure at the Residence:

When you take over your student room at the residence hall of the CROUS, it is important to check and notify every existing damages or dirts you may notice in your room on the document called "état des lieux" because it will state the whole condition of your room.
You can be liable for paying the damages that were not mentioned in that document when you leave your accommodation or you will not be able to claim back your CROUS security deposit (check-out) at the end of your mobility.

Thus, check everything: water flows (no leaks, etc.), hot and cold water supply, toilets, bathroom, shower,heating system, electrical outlets, lights,oven/microwaves, cooker, fridge (shelves, etc.), doors (door-handle, locks), windows, walls, floor, furnitures, mattress (no marks under and of the top of the mattress), bed, letterbox, etc.

If you have some troubles during this check-in / check-out procedure or during your stay at the residence/student room, do not hesitate to contact the Incoming Mobility Team who will assists you.

Update: 13/03/2016

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