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The French Healthcare system

Health Insurance is compulsory in France. This gives access to medical care, hospitalization and doctors. Insurance coverage is divided into two parts:

1) Basic insurance (“Sécurité sociale”) is provided by the government and it covers 70% of your medical expenses depending on the type of medical care received.

2) Complementary insurance (“Mutuelle” or “Assurance complémentaire”) is not compulsory but if you opt for a complementary insurance this will cover the remaining medical expenses. This will also protect you from high or unexpected healthcare expenses. For more information concerning the complementary insurance, inquire directly to private insurance companies.

Basic Insurance (depending on the duration of your stay, country and age)


You stay three months or less

It is not necessary to register with the student healthcare system in France. In this case, you should provide a document justifying your stay period (plane ticket, visa…).

You stay more than three months and are from an EEA countryor Switzerland

You must have a European Health Insurance Card issued in your country of origin. Check on:

You will have to provide CY CERGY PARIS UNIVERSITY with a copy of this card (or your private health insurance with unlimited health cover fees) at the beginning of the academic year.

  • Please notice that the Social Insurance is valid for one year. If your studies last more than a year, you will have to renew your demand with the Student’s Insurance or the CPAM.
  • If you work in France during your studies, you will pay taxes and your medical expenses will be covered by another CPAM scheme.
  • For more information or assistance should you encounter some difficulties, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the International Relations Office."

You stay more than three months and are from a non EEA country…

You must register with the social security or "Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie" (CPAM) This enrolment is compulsory and completely free. You can sign up to the French social security online at :

CPAM - CMU de base

Immeuble Ordinal

95000 Cergy
Opening hours :


8h30 - 17h30