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Coronavirus: frequently asked questions

Students and staff, instructions are subject to change. Please regularly consult your CY Cergy Paris University mailbox to keep you informed of the latest updates on the situation and of ministerial recommendations.

Who coordinates the measures taken in France concerning Covid-19?

Under the authority of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, supported by the General Directorate of Health, conducts and coordinates operations. To do this, it relies on the various ministries, including the Ministry of National Education and Youth. All information is centralized on a government website. The measures implemented will evolve as the crisis develops. On 28 February 2020, the government activated measures under "stage 2" of the national prevention and management plan, intended to contain the circulation of the virus on national soil. On 14 March 2020, "stade 3" is activated.

The virus has in fact begun to circulate in certain parts of the nation. It is concentrated in particular within three "clusters":

  • the first "cluster" is located in Oise, and in particular in the municipalities of Creil, Crépy-en-Valois, Vaumoise, Lamorlaye, Lagny le Sec, La Croix Saint Ouen, Montataire, Nogent-sur-Oise and Villers- St.Paul;
  • the second "cluster" is located in Haute-Savoie, in the town of La Balme-de-Sillingy;
  • the third "cluster" is located in Morbihan, in the municipalities of Auray, Carnac and Crac'h.

For stage 2, the objective of the public authorities is to limit the spread of the virus and to prevent or, at least, to delay for as long as possible, development to stage 3, where the virus will circulate widely among the population.

The transition from stage 1 to stage 2 involves an adaptation of our action plan.

Certain measures, specific to stage 1, no longer have any reason to exist.

Since the virus is already circulating in the country, there is no longer any reason to confine people returning from areas exposed to active spread of the virus. These constraints, which were intended to prevent entry of the virus into France have been lifted, and, in particular, students and staff returning from Lombardy and Veneto can return to school.

Locally, Prefects and Directors of Regional Health Agencies (ARS) have joint responsibility for deciding upon and implementing operations within their geographic boundaries. Rectors apply these decisions and take the resulting measures in schools and educational establishments. They adapt these operations according to developments in the situation or to the specific realities in certain territories.

Currently, two areas call for restrictive measures:

  • firstly, the areas shown in red on the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. At this stage only China is now concerned;
  • secondly, the "clusters", i.e. the municipalities of Creil, Crépy-en-Valois, Vaumoise, Lamorlaye, Lagny-le-Sec, La Croix Saint Ouen, Montataire, Nogent-sur-Oise and Villers-Saint-Paul in Oise, the town of La Balme-de-Sillingy in Haute-Savoie, and the towns of Auray, Carnac and Crac'hdans in Morbihan.

Due to its nature, this list is liable to change.

The list of zones is regularly updated on the government's website.

What barriers exist to protect myself and those around me?

You must:

  • wash your hands regularly,
  • cough or sneeze into your elbow,
  • avoid physical contact and particularly shaking hands or kissing,
  • use a single-use tissue and throw it away once you have used it,
  • if, and only if you are sick, wear a disposable surgical mask.

You can get more information by calling +33 (0) 800 130 000.



YES. The establishment is closed to the public:

  • to the public and users, from Monday March 16, 8 a.m.;
  • to all staff, from Monday March 16 at 6 p.m., in order to allow safety and the orderly stopping of activities and premises.

In order to meet service continuity obligations, the establishment organizes its operation remotely. The business continuity plan is therefore activated.

As of March 17, 2020, only personnel under the business continuity plan may, on an exceptional basis, have access to the premises. Access to the premises of these personnel is made on notification to the security PC.

Consult the closure order of the establishment (March 16, 2020)