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Where do I register? 

 Register directly in the examination centers.

 The French Language Centre at the University of Cergy-Pontoise is a DELF and DALF test centre:

French Language Centre - Univeristy of Cergy-Pontoise
Maison des Etudiants 
33 boulevard du Port
95011 Cergy-Pontoise  
Tel. : 01-34-25-22-51 
Email: (examens @ -  Website:



Below are the approved centres nearest to Cergy-Pontoise:

Créteil - TCF
1 voie Félix Eboué
94000 Créteil  
Tel. : 01-48-13-02-66 - Fax : 01-48-13-02-83
Email: examens @ -  Website:

Gennevilliers - DALF-DELF-TCF 
3 promenade de la Bonnette
92230 Gennevilliers  
Tel: 01-47-94-00-15 - Fax: 01-47-94-97-35
Email: contact @ - Website:

Paris - TCF
Ecole de Langue Française pour étrangers (French Language School for Foreigners)
15, rue Montmartre
75001 Paris  
Tel: 01-48-78-73-00 - Fax: 01-40-82-91-92
Email: (contact @, (tcf @, @ - Website:


Paris – DALF, DELF 

Alliance française Paris Ile-de France

101 bd Raspail

75006 Paris

Tel: 01-42-84-90-00

Email: info @

Website: http//


Paris – DALF DELF 

Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne (French Civilisation Course at the Sorbonne)

214 bd Raspail

75014 Paris

Tel: 01-44-10-77-17

Email: info @

Website: http//


Please find below links which will indicate information and the addresses of other examination centres for TCF, DELF-DALF :


Please contact the centre of your choice for information on tariffs (prices can vary between 90 and 250 euros).

French language centre at the UCP

Learning centre certified by Qualité FLE