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University Diploma in French as a Foreign Language (DUFLE)

Since 2018, CY Cergy Paris Université has been offering a French language course University Diploma in French as a Foreign Language (DUFLE) for students who wish to learn French in order to integrate one of the Master's degrees !

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 DUFLE 2019-2020 




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  • Time period : 10 months, from September to June
  • Volume : 520h or 524h of lessons per year (according to options) / 260h or 262h of lessons per semester
  • Place: CY Cergy Paris Université, northwest of Paris
  • Fees : 4 100 Euros

Head of DUFLE lessons: Elsa CARON, Teacher


Nathalie GRUEZ

Centre de Langue Française - DUFLE

International Cooperation Department

CY Cergy Paris Université - Chênes 1 Building, Office 383 (3rd Floor)
33, boulevard du port
95011 CERGY PONTOISE Cedex, France
Phone : +33 1 34 25 22 51
E-mail : (dufles @  

Special for incoming students !!!

A welcome week is organised by the international relations office in September for incoming students. This welcome week will enable you to meet the other international students, discover Cergy-Pontoise and visit Paris and some of its famous places: the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées, Montmartre, the Louvre Museum etc...

Don't miss this wonderful welcome week prepared especially for foreign students !