International Office

OFII process

The OFII process does not concern students from the European Economic Area* and Switzerland, students staying less than 90 days, students holding a long stay visa and Algerian students

After receiving your enrolment certificate or acceptance letter from UCP, contact must be made with the nearest Campus France agency, French Embassy or Consulate to obtain a long stay visa marked "student" permitting you to enter France, with the proviso that you have adequate means of support. The first part of the official form entitled “Request of OFII certificate” (Demande d’attestation OFII) must be filled-in with your personal details and stamped from the consulate that issued your visa.

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At the border control, you must ensure that your passport has been endorsed and stamped indicating your date of entry in France by an Immigration Officer. (If you have entered France in transit via another Schengen State, this stamp must be affixed by the competent authorities of this State. In this case, you will be presumed to have entered the French territory not longer than five days after this date.)

Upon arriving in France, you must complete the second part of the Request of OFII certificate”, mentioning your full address in France, your date of entry in France and your visa number.

If you live in the Student Residence or in private housing in Val d’Oise (95):

Once this certificate completed, you must bring it either to your contact person at the IRO Office who will forward to the OFII Office of Val d’Oise. Copies of your passport (the page concerning your personal details and the pages endorsed and stamped by the Immigration Officer (or by the authorities of the transit State) mentioning the date of transit at the border and the issued visa are also requested.

If you live in Paris or the Ile-de-France Region (except Val d’Oise - 95):

Once this certificate completed, you have to send it to the OFFI of your Region by post. As well as copies of your passport (the page concerning your personal details and the pages endorsed and stamped by the Immigration Officer (or by the authorities of the transit State) mentioning the date of transit at the border and the issued visa are also requested.

 75 – PARIS

Direction territoriale de l’OFII

48, Rue de la Roquette

75 011 PARIS



Direction territoriale de l’OFII

221, Avenue Pierre Brossolette




Direction territoriale de l’OFII

13 rue Marguerite Yourcenar

93 000 BOBIGNY



Direction territoriale de l’OFII

13,15 rue Claude Nicolas Ledoux

94 000 CRETEIL

How to know in what region you live?

It’s very simple; just watch the first 2 numbers in your French zip code.

For example, if you live in :

2, rue de Constance, 75018 Paris => your region is Paris and its number is 75.


18, allée Emile Cohl, 78700 Conflans-Sainte-Honorine => your region is Yvelines and its number is 78.

In order to avoid any problem of lost mail:

  • verify that you’ve written your home address on the back of the envelope and you’ve written clearly the address of your OFFI in the front side of the envelope under the post stamp;
  • write your room number « Chambre… » if you live in one residences
  • write your complete name on your mail box if you live outside residences.

You name must absolutely appear on your mailbox!

Upon receipt of these documents, the OFII will send to IRO (if you live in Val d’Oise 95) or to you by regular mail to the to the French address (if you live in Paris or in other department of the Ile-de-France Region) a letter acknowledging receipt of the form, and possibly asking the holder to report for a medical examination and a chest x-ray if such an examination was not performed in the holder's country of origin or upon entering France.

The OFII will also set up a date for an appointment at their office in order to validate your visa. On this occasion, you must bring the following required documents:

  • your passport
  • an official photo (identity or passport photo)
  • a proof of domicile in France (rental receipt, invoice for electricity, gas, water, or telephone bills under your name or, in the absence of these documents, an accommodation certificate)
  • your medical certificate if you have completed the medical examination before coming to France.
  • a Tax amount to be paid to OFII: 58 € (2013) by purchasing a tax stamp marked "OMI" or "ANAEM". The stamp may be purchased online at, in certain shops that sell tobacco products (Bureaux de tabac) or at the Centre des Impôts (Tax Centre): 2, avenue Bernard-Hirsch 95093 Cergy-Pontoise

Once all of these formalities have been completed, your passport (including the visa and the mention by OFII that you have completed the formalities) will authorize you to remain legally in France during the validity of your visa.

The non-completion of the formalities mentioned above within a delay of 3 months will subject you to the procedure for irregular stay.

 Any change of address during your stay must be reported to the OFII within 15 days.