International Office

Procedures before you leave

Administrative procedure

You have decided to do part of your studies at CY Cergy Paris Université.

For this purpose, you need to send in an Application form before the following deadlines :
April 30th 2017 for students enrolling the university for the 1st semester or the full academic year,
October 31st 2017 for students enrolling at the university for the 2nd semester.

After sending the application and student forms to CY Cergy Paris Université, non-EU residents will receive a letter of invitation from the host university, necessary to apply for a “student” visa.

In order to benefit from health coverage during their stay, European students should obtain the European Health Insurance Card before they leave from their local social security office .

Non-EU students and students who are covered by a private insurance scheme in their country must sign up for health coverage when they enrol at CY Cergy Paris Université.

Visa application

To study in France, you must obtain a long-term student visa - D visa,  before you leave your country. A D visa is absolutely compulsory in order to apply afterwards for a student resident permit.

a D visa is not needed for students from European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway, Andorra, Monaco, Saint-Marin, and the Vatican.

Application for a student visa are to be made at the French consulates or embassies abroad at least 3 months in advance.

To apply for a visa, the following documents are requested as suggested : proof of acceptance or preliminary acceptance by the university, proof of financial resources forf at least 430 € a month and/or proof of accommodation during your studies, a valid passport.

More information :

Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website in France :

A complete list of French embassies and consulates abroad is available at :

Applying for a room in one of the student dormitories

A number of rooms are booked for international students in the dormitories of the University of Cergy-Pontoise . You need to contact the International Cooperation Department for room vacancies.

If you are assigned a room, you must send us the following mandatory forms by post :

- an “Accommodation form”,

- a proof of your bank transfer equivalent to one month’s rent for the dormitory you have applied for (reservation fee and deposit for the university),

- a sworn statement “Certificate of agreement” in which you are bound to pay a monthly basis rent during your studies at CY Cergy Paris Université,

- the guarantee form for the Linandes Mauves dormitory or the guarantee form for the Chênes d’Or and Square de l’Échiquier dormitories at Cergy-Saint-Christophe called “Guaranty act”.