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Carte Imagine’R, your transport card

The Carte Imagine’R is limited to students and young people between the ages of 12-25. It is the best option for those using RATP transportation at least twice a day every weekday (or the equivalent) and living in Paris / Region Ile-de -France for more than 5 months. On weekends and holidays, the card allows free travel to all zones.

Valid for one year, it allows travel on public transport such as Metro, buses, or the RER.

During the week, the card will allow you to travel in the "zones" (1-5) defined by its subscription. For information, Cergy is in zone 5. On weekends, national holidays and during the school holidays, the card allows you to travel in all zones of the Paris / Region Ile-de-France.

The card also allows the holder to claim various reductions on other services.

Since 2003 the carte Imagine'R uses the Navigo pass format. It is obligatory to validate the Navigo pass on each journey.

Getting your Carte Imagine’R

You will need to pick up an application file (available at any Paris Metro station and in some RER stations) with the application form before 1st of September, October, November, December, or January, depending on when you want to start your year. Once you have your file, carefully fill out your form and follow the instructions.

You must have a working French bank account before applying. Once your application is submitted, you will receive your card in the mail within two weeks.