International Office

Computer rooms/Media Space

Cerclades University Library

Located on the 3rd floor of the Cerclades Library, this workspace gives access to computer workstations equipped with various office software and will allow you to consult different websites and electronic journals.

Access to computers is restricted to students of CY Cergy Paris Université on presentation of your student card.

Place des Cerclades, Cergy
Tel.: 01 34 25 60 74
Fax: 01 34 25 60 75

Monday to Friday - 9°°- 20°°
Saturday - 9°° - 19°°

Two access options exist:

Free access

If a computer room is available upon your arrival, you can occupy it up to 1 hour after your arrival at the reception, where you will validate your card.

Staff members will tell you your designated space (carrel) number.


You can reserve a carrel (small private computer room), one or more days in advance, depending on availability. You have a maximum of 2 consecutive hours. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your reservation time, the booking will be cancelled.

Violation shall be punished by a refusal of reservation for the duration of one month.

The use is limited to documentary research and academic work!

Staff reserve the right to terminate any connection which does not comply with regulations and to exclude for a period of one month every offender.

Internet Service/Computer room in the Tour des Chênes

It is reserved only for exchange students.

Computer room
33 bd du Port, Tour des Chênes
Office 311, Cergy

Monday to Friday - 9°°- 18°°