International Office


To call a French number from an International phone:

Dial: 0033 (or + 33 for a mobil phone) + the number after removing the first zero

For example to call the School: 03 26 77 47 47 becomes 0033 3 26 77 47 47 or +33 3 26 77 47 47

To call a French number from a French phone:

Dial the 10-digit numbers, including the first zero.

To call from France:

Dial the following number: 00 + Country Calling Code + number


Mobile Phone

To be able to receive and make calls easily, to keep in touch with friends and family or in case of an emergency, it might be very useful to have a mobile phone.

Two options:

  • Calling from your International mobile phone:

You sometimes have to check with your home phone operator that you are able to make international calls.

  • Buying a French SIM Card (with French number):

The easiest way to control your expenses is to buy a SIM Card (about 15€) that you can recharge with prepaid card to top it up with more credit.

You can also choose to buy a SIM Card + mobile phone at an interesting price to use with prepaid credit or with a monthly subscription.

In France, the three main companies are Bouygues, Orange and SFR. You can’t miss their shops when going to the city centre or in the periphery shopping areas. To recharge your phone, you can either buy prepaid card from the newsagents or do it using your credit/debit card.