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Student card

This student ID card was designed to simplify your life.

Many services are included in a single card. 
Issued upon enrolment, the card establishes your status as a student and provides access to the various services of the Universities of upon issue, the card allows you to:

  • borrow documents from the university libraries;
  • pay for your meals and purchases at university restaurants and cafeterias and CROUS vending machines as well as for services at certain university residences (photocopies, printing, laundry) ;
  • gain access to certain premises where authentication is required (research labs, service rooms in university residences, parking areas, etc.) depending on the establishment ;
  • take advantage of student discounts;
  • make purchases using the Moneo payment system at participating businesses as well as at a certain number of vending machines (drinks, stamps, TER train tickets...), parking meters and phone booths, that are identified with the logo ;
  • check your balance at Moneo terminals as well as on cash register displays when you make purchases;
  • pay for photocopies and printing at participating establishments.

In the future, this card will have new features allowing you to : 

  • attest to your presence (continuous assessments, exams...) ; 
  • benefit from urban and regional transportation services.

Where do I get my card ?

The UCP multiservice student ID card is issued by the registrar’s office of your university or school upon enrolment. 
This multiservice card is a contactless Moneo smart card that also has the capacity for a transportation application. 
This card is fragile, it will therefore be issued with a protective sleeve; you are responsible for taking care of it!

How much does it cost?

This card is free of charge

 How long is it valid for?

The card is valid for 3 years maximum during your education. Each time you renew your enrolment, the new school year will be displayed on it. If you are still a student when it expires, your card will be renewed free of charge.

How does the Moneo E-purse work?

To pay for your meals at the university restaurant, your printing services or your purchases at a participating Moneo business, you must first purchase credits for your card. When you make a purchase, you don’t have to type in a code because it is the money on the E-purse that is charged, and not the card-holder’s bank account.

Length of validity of the Moneo card

The expiration date of the Moneo card is indicated on the card, or for certain types of Moneo cards, on each recharge receipt (e.g. : 09/12 = September 2012). Beyond this date, the Moneo card can no longer be recharged, but the remaining balance can be used or reimbursed for 6 months after expiration. However, in the event of theft and upon presentation of a statement from the authorities, your card will be renewed free of charge.

Can I get the money stored on my card back? 

Yes, at any time and up to 6 months after the expiration date, after carrying out the required formalities.

Your question wasn’t answered here? 

For any questions about the Moneo E-purse: 
For any other questions, contact the service that issued your card.

How to add credits to my multiservice card? 

Credits can be added by using your bank card at Moneo terminals, or with cash at CROUS counters at university restaurants. The terminals can be found at : 
- your campus 
- university restaurant entrances 
- banks 
- post offices 
Your can also purchase credits for your card at most France Télécom phone booths and at certain ATMs.

What is the maximum amount the card can contain? 

The maximum amount that your card can contain is set at 100 €.

What is the maximum purchase amount? 

Purchases with your card are limited to 30 € maximum.

What should I do if my card is lost, stolen or damaged? 

You should notify the service that issued the card as soon as possible so that your card can be black-listed, preventing it from being used. It is important to note that the issue of a new card will be at your expense, and that you will not be able to obtain a reimbursement of the balance that your Moneo E-purse contained. However, in the event of theft and upon presentation of a statement from the authorities, your card will be renewed free of charge.