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These pages are aimed at non-EU and non-exchange foreign students who wish to apply to study at CY Cergy Paris Université.

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The translation of this information is underway and will soon be available. Please consult the practical guide for information relating to student life at CY Cergy Paris Université.

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International students from outside the EU

2019-2020 university reopening

International students from outside the EU enrolled within a university course leading to the deliverance of an undergraduate  (*)  or graduate level national diploma (**)  will benefit from a partial exoneration for differentiated enrolment fees.

Thus, international students from outside the EU will pay the same enrolment fees as French students.

This partial exoneration will be applied automatically and will not require any explicit request on behalf of the students concerned. It will be valid for the duration of the undergraduate or graduate course. 

This temporary measure will apply to the 2019 university reopening only in accordance with Decree n°2019-344 of 19th April 2019, but the university will outline exoneration procedures for following years in harmony with its international attraction policy.


(*) Undergraduate cycle at CY Cergy Paris Université: DAEU, DEUST, Institute of Technology Diploma, Bachelor degree, Vocational degree
(**) Graduate cycle at CY Cergy Paris Université: Master degree


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