International Bachelor Ygrec - Modelling and Data Science for a changing world

Admission procedure

Application deadline : 15th June 2019

Criteria for admission for French and international students:

  • Strong academic skills in high school, especially in Mathematics and Science.
  • High school leaving certificate enabling access to a university.
  • Swiss high-school maturité certificate, European high-school certificate, or equivalent.


How to apply for the International Bachelor Ygrec:

Applicants must send all required documents (see list below) to:

Admissions team: admission_bachelorY @ 


List of required documents to include in your application file:

  1. Completed Application form
  2. Copies of your transcripts of records for the previous two years
  3. If relevant, copy of your High school leaving certificate, such as French Baccalaureate, OIB, International Baccalaureate, Swiss high-school maturité certificate, European high-school certificate, or equivalent
  4. Copy of your passport or ID card
  5. CV in English
  6. Cover letter (maximum 2 pages) in which you tell us more about your interests and personal objectives and explain why you want to apply.
  7. English proficiency certificate level B2
  8. Two essays of 1000 words maximum:

    Essay 1 : “Your interest in data science” - State what motivated you to study data science

    Essay 2 : “Significant experience” - Highlight an important quality that you possess, which is vital for success in your professional life. How has this quality been expressed in the past and how do you express it today?



Application process: two phases
1. Application documents are examined by a jury.
2. Interview (if necessary, remote video interviews will be organised).

You will receive a response by email. 


We look forward to receiving your application!


Students who are accepted into the programme will receive all required documents and information relating to visa application (if necessary).