AGM Research Center in Mathematics

AGM Research Center in Mathematics

The history of AGM research center dates back to 1993: at that time it was just a young team under the supervision of Pr. Frank Merle. Then directed by Pr. Emmanuel Hebey, AGM has been recognized as UPRESA in 1998 and UMR8088 in 2002. Since 2005 Pr. Vladimir Georgescu has served as director.

AGM has 60 members in 6 research teams:

  1. Geometry and Partial Derivatives Equations
  2. Mathematical Physics
  3. Probability - Statistics
  4. Algebra
  5. Numerical Analysis

A high level of research:

Rated by the French AERES in 2009, AGM has been given an A+ mark by the evaluation comitee (download full report in French).

Within AGM's members, many have signed national or international research contracts or IUF distinction :

  • 2 ERC starting grants: Mathieu Lewin (2010), Nikolay Tzvetkov (2010)
  • 1 ERC advanced grant: Frank Merle (2011)
  • 3 ANR : Armen Shirikyan (2011), Mathieu Lewin (2010), François Germinet (codirection, 2007)
  • 4 IUF members: Paul Doukhan (2011),Nikolay Tzvetkov (2010), François Germinet (2007), Frank Merle (honorary member, 1998)

Since February 2012, AGM is part of the Labex MME-DII (Modèles mathématiques et économiques de la dynamique, de l'incertitude et des interactions - Mathematical and economical models of dynamics, uncertainty and interactions) project.

In 2012, AGM has opened ARWU's doors to the UCP, now ranked 151-200 in the world in Mathematics.