The library proposes about 400 000 books, 22% are in foreign language.

90% or our books are in open access. The annual increase is 8 000-10 000 books.

Collections :

  • Cerclades pluridisciplinary library, 176 257 documents.
  • Chênes library, 13 987 documents (economics and law)
  • Saint-Martin library, 20 000 documents (sciences, economics, marketing and management)
  • Neuville library, 18 365 documents (sciences and technology).

Other libraries :

  • Sarcelles library, 1 605 documents (marketing, electric engineering and industrial computer science, services and communication networks, trade).
  • Argenteuil library, 1 919 documents (quality, industrial logistics and organization, management, logistics and transport)
  • Educational sciences libraries : Antony, Cergy-Hirsch, Evry, Gennevilliers and Saint-Germain. 167 067 documents (educational science, textbooks, children's literature, annals, competitive examination for teacher documents, hotel trade studies).

Human sciences collections




 Cerclades, Neuville (architecture)


 Cerclades LMD, Chênes LMD


 Cerclades LM, Chênes MD, Saint-Martin L


 Cerclades LM, Chênes MD, Saint-Martin L


 Cerclades LM, Chênes MD, Saint-Martin L

 Hotel trade studies

 Antony, Genneviliers

 History, geography






 Philosophy, religion




 Educational sciences

 Cerclades, Antony, Cergy-Hirsch, Evry, Gennevilliers, Saint-Germain-en-Laye

 Social sciences, media


Sciences and technology collections



 Scientific culture


 Town planning


 Electric engineering

 Neuville, Sarcelles

 Computer science

 Cerclades L, Saint-Martin LMD, Neuville LM

 Logistics and transport

 Argenteuil L


 Cerclades L, Saint-Martin LMD


 Cerclades L, Saint-Martin LMD (D for theoretical physics), Neuville MD


 Cerclades L, Neuville MD, Saint-Martin L

 Earth sciences

 Saint-Martin L, Cerclades L, Neuville MD


 Cerclades L, Saint-Martin LMD


The library keeps every thesis defended at the University of Cergy-Pontoise.

Theses defended in any French university since January 1992 can be consulted as microfiches in Cerclades multimedia area (3d floor) with a specific reader. Fields : sciences and technology, law, literature.


The library suscribes to 1625 periodicals.

In human sciences domains, the library offers 740 periodicals, 239 in law and political science, 146 in economics and management, 99 in educational sciences and 142 in arts and literature.

In sciences and technology domains, the library offers 183 periodicals. The the professional press includes 18 periodicals. Daily press and topicalities represent 58 periodicals.

Electronic documents

Thanks to the consortium Couperin, the library has access to 13 358 electronic periodicals (2 336 in sciences and technology, 11 202 in human sciences).

The library gets databases : encycopaedias, newspapers, contents, periodical indexing bases, juridical ressources in full text. They are accessible on the library's computers.

Other documents

Cd-roms, video tapes, DVDs (fiction and documentary films) and maps are also available.