Cerclades library

Created in 1999, the Cerclades library is a pluridisciplinary one. The collections are spread over four floors. It offers 700 seats.

 Services. The library puts at public’s disposal :

  • 33 computers
  • 3 printers (1 color printer)
  • 3 photocopiers
  • 1 automatic refillable photocopies cards dispenser. Photocopies can be payed with money or CB.

 Spaces. The library is divided up into four floors :

  • Ground floor : Topicalities, references, media, guidances on careers and courses, and sciences
  •  Entresol : Literature, language and Arts
  • 1st floor : Law and Political Sciences
  • 2nd floor : Human sciences (philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, educational sciences, economics, trade, accounts, management, geography and history)
  • 3rd floor : Multimedia area. Students can borrow an individual computer for document research or office automation. They can use USB key. The CRL ("Centre des Ressources Linguistiques" or Center for the study of languages) takes place in this floor too.


More than 176 000 documents (books, multimedia, dvd) and 1149 periodicals in paper are available. Acquisitions are made by librarians in charge of each collection.

Specialities, towards Dewey classification

SCIENCES (003-006 / 500-599 / 610-649 / 660-699)
REFERENCES / MEDIA (001-099.99)
STUDIES AND JOB (CO : competitive exam, ES : higher education, IN : studying and working in foreign countries, MT : professional world)
LANGUAGUES (400-495.69)
ARTS (700-799)
LITERATURE (801-899)
LAW (340-369)
PHILOSOPHY (100-199)
PSYCHOLOGY (150-158)
RELIGION (200-300)
ECONOMICS (310-319 / 330-339)
TRADE (380-388)
GEOGRAPHY (900-919)
HISTORY (900-990)

 Particularities of entresol collections

Critics about authors are placed with authors’works. French-language shelf marks are structured as follows : the 1st letter of country or continent (in French) followed by Dewey index and the 3 first letters of author’s name or title.

 Particularities of the library

The library is opened until 8 P.M. during the week, 7 P.M. on Saturday. But, during some periods, the library has reduced timetable : it’s closed from 6 P.M. and during Saturdays.

 Electronic resources

Users have access to more than 13 538 electronic periodicals (11 202 in human sciences, 2 300 in sciences and techniques), and to databases.
More information here : Electronic resources