IPOE 2019

2nd conference on Interface Properties in Organic and hybrid Electronics

08.07.2019 - 11.07.2019

Interface Properties in Organic and Hybrid Electronic: Perspectives & Key Challenges

Website : https://ipoe2019.sciencesconf.org


Interface Properties in Organic and Hybrid Electronic:

Perspectives & Key Challenges

In the continuation of the first edition (IPOE-2017, Cergy-Pontoise, France), IPOE-2019 will be entirely devoted to the physical phenomena occurring at organic/organic, organic/inorganic and organic/metallic  interfaces, as motivated by their essential role in many (bio-)physico-chemical processes, ranging from solar energy conversion to biosensing. The conference will cover a broad range of areas related to both experimental and theoretical aspects of these processes, comprising the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Charge separation mechanisms
  • Charge generation mechanisms
  • Energy transfer processes
  • Energy landscape at interfaces
  • Materials for interface engineering
  • Interfacial versus bulk properties
  • Hybrid organic/inorganic interfaces
  • Metal/organic interfaces
  • Organic/organic interfaces
  • Solar energy conversion
  • Organic sensors and bioelectronics
  • Molecular spintronics
  • Organic and Hybrid SCs, O&H LEDs, OFETs
  • Experimental probes
  • Molecular modeling and theoretical models


IPOE-2019 is a single-session conference, comprising 12 keynote- and invited lectures, 31 oral contributions, and a poster session. The conferences will be followed by ample time devoted to questions (20 min / 10 min / 5 min for KN / Invited / Oral Contributions respectively), in addition to discussions during a poster session. We hope that new insights will emerge from this conference, providing additional design criteria for novel materials fulfilling optimized interfacial properties. As such, the conference is open to all confirmed and young researchers from a broad diversity of domains, ranging from design and synthesis of novel materials, to theoretical and experimental characterizations.