Social Norms, Politics, Territory Dynamics

This pole gathers together activities of laboratories working on public and private laws, history and philosophy of law, political practices, economic law, education policy, urban policy and many areas of political science. This interdisciplinary pole allows, on the one hand, interaction between law and political science, and on the other hand, the creation of new concepts and practices at the frontiers of different but related disciplines. The study of social thinking, social-rights laws and law concepts in various international contexts and in different socio-economic situations, is very useful for societies. The creation of the new Institute of Political Studies at the University of Cergy-Pontoise in partnership with the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines reinforces the research carried out in this pole.


CESDIP Sociological research for law and criminal institutions

Researches on the phenomena of criminality and crime and on institutions to prevent, control, incriminate or repress these phenomena (first of all the penal institutions). The researches for the CESDIP thus attempt to understand the functioning and the production of the penal institutions, the criminal justice, the state and national police, and more widely the institutions which take part in the prevention and in the treatment of affections on the people and on property, and in the security. The laboratory is interdisciplinar and gathered groups of sociologists, economists, political analysts and historians

For any further information please contact the director Pr. Christian Mouhanna: mouhanna @

CPJP Center for Legal and Political Philosophy

Researches on the social thought of law, the social rights, the link between the concept of democracy and the constitutional doctrine. The CPJP has reconstituted the abstract elements of the legal culture to restore them in the social, political and historic space, while comparing them with other contexts.
Themes: Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, Conceptual History, History of Legal Doctrines

For any further information please contact the director Pr. Carlos Herrera: carolos.herrera @

LEJEP Legal and political studies laboratory

The LEJEP is a research laboratory with  around 50 permanent researchers and 60 Phd students in law, political sciences and history of the law. The research activity focus on Public law,  Public and private International law,  Criminal Sciences and Economic Law.

For any further information please contact the director Pr. Olivier Deshayes: olivier.deshayes @

MRTE Geography Laboratory on Mobility, Networks, Territories and Environment

MRTE is a laboratory of human and social sciences integrating experimental sciences or engineering sciences. Initially composed of geographers and specialists in planning and urban planning, it has expanded to include researchers of civil engineering, acoustics and communication. The research is focus on Transport and territories / Cities of tomorrow: perceptions and representations of the environment / Social, political and cultural dynamics of territories

For any further information please contact the director Pr. Didier Desponds:

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