Technologies and Information Processing Systems

Activities of this pole aim at incorporating artificial intelligence into embedded systems, studying customized / reconfigurable architectures or integrated circuits, indexation of integrated information, big data management and analytics, designing and improving electronic devices and energy storage in embedded intelligence components.


ETIS Research Laboratory in Information Processing and Systems

TechnologiesTheoretical and experimental researches to design and optimize more and more complex systems, and methods of learning for the intelligent systems that must be flexible and adaptive. These works also result in technological breakthroughs in the domains of telecommunications and health. Themes of research: Indexation of multimedia data and integration of data, Imagery, Digital communications, Neurocybernetics, and Systems on reconfigurables chip.

For any further information please contact the director Pr.Mathias Quoy:


SATIE Laboratory for Systems and Applications in Information and Energy Technologies

The SATIE is a research laboratory in electronics and electrical engineering. Its studies are focused on systems and applications of information and electrical energy technologies. It’s a medium sized laboratory with around 90 Academic staff, around 20 technical and administrative staff, and around 80 doctoral and post-doctoral research students.

For any further information please contact the university of Cergy-Pontoise director Pr. Stéphane Serfaty:

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