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Key words:

  • Electronic and magnetic properties. Quantum transport. Electronic localization
  • Numerical calculation. Ab-initio calculation. Tight binding. Recursion method (Lanczos)
  • Graphene. Quasicrystals

Research fields:


  • Transport in graphene and bilayer graphene with adsorbate
  • Electronic structure and confinement in twisted bilayer of graphene.

Quasicrystals and complex metallic alloys:

  • Electronic structure (ab initio calculation)
  • Quantum electronic transport in approximants of quasicrystals and in quasiperiodic tilings.
  • Role of transition metal element, sp-d hybridization, negative valency
  • Magnetism, condition for the occurrence of magnetic moment in aluminium based alloys
  • Hume-Rothery stabilisation in aluminium based alloys containing transition metal atoms.