Master in Theoretical Physics and Applications

Practical Information

Description of the International Program

Students applying to the MSc Theoretical Physics and Applications may also apply to the International French-Spanish Master program. They register as regular students in both Universities but they are exempted of admission fees at Zaragoza University.

Students of TPA program should spend at least one semester (30ECTS) at Zaragoza University, following the corresponding cursus. At Cergy-Pontoise University they follow the program of the master Theoretical Physics and Applications and at Zaragoza University they follow the program of the Master en Fisica y Tecnologias Fisicas. The ECTSs obtained in one university are recognised by the other.

Students having completed the total number of ECTS obtain the two diplomas.

Financial aid

Students accepted in this International French-Spanish Master Program will benefit of a financial aid  during their mobility period.


Deadlines and administrative procedure

Students interested in the International French-Spanish Master program should indicate it in their application form of the TPA master program.

Non-european students applying to TPA master program do not need to follow any additional procedure. Deadlines are those of Campus France agency. Inscription formalities at Zaragoza University will be dealt with by the TPA master secretary.

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