Master in Theoretical Physics and Applications

Welcoming foreign students

Besides the standard services offered to all UCP students (library, sports, restaurant,...), the University has set up a welcoming program for foreign students lead by the “Service des Relations Internationales et Culturelles” (SRIC), which has proven its efficiency in dealing with several international programs which the University is involved in, at all academic levels.

SRIC is involved in the welcoming process starting from the registration of the student. It functions as a “single desk” helping the in-coming student to easily adapt to his/her new reference frame. They help students to deal with administrative formalities as well as in everyday life activities : opening a bank account, contracting a health care insurance, finding student’s reductions in transportation and other services, or discovering the University life (administration, library or sport service, student restaurant, students associations, etc.)

Before the student’s departure from his/her own country, SRIC may inform if necessary, the corresponding embassy (or consulate) that the student is expected to integrate the Master program, so as to facilitate the visa delivery procedure.

In addition to students’ rooms that are reserved for students involved in an exchange agreement, SRIC has contacted a list of private flat owners in the vicinity of the University and special renting conditions for foreign students have been negotiated.

Moreover a lodging reservation/warranty service is proposed to students by UFR Sciences et Techniques (Science Faculty) of UCP (fee : 200€/year). Students who need this service should contact the coordinators of the master program for details.

SRIC proposes "French as a Foreign Language" courses (“Cours International de Langue Française et Action Culturelle”). This course is proposed by Cergy-Pontoise University to help the integration of the students in its new enviroment. It is addressed to non French-speaking students ; and it is integrated to the Master program. Moreover, successful students will obtain a "Certificat de Langue Française et Culture Francophone".

Contact person : Mme Solenn Funck (solenn.funck @

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