Master in Theoretical Physics and Applications

Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

The Master TPA, like all the National French Master programs, benefits from the French politics of low fees concerning education.

Fees :

As this is a French National Master program, academic tuition fees are fixed annually by the government, they are approximatively  450€/year, including student’s health care insurance ("securité sociale étudiante")

 Non-French speaking students should add 150€/year for French Language and Culture courses.  These courses are part of the TPA program for non-French speaking students and they are taught at CILFAC

Financial Aid


"Bourse de la Région Ile de France" (merit scholarship)

UCP receives funding from the "Ile de France Region" to provide scholarships for outstanding foreign students at M1 and M2 level (applicants obtaining the scholarship for M1 are prioritary for a renewal under certain conditions).

The amount of the scholarship is 10,500 €/yr plus some help for accommodation.

Interested applicants should have excellent records as a pre-selection is done at the level of each University.  The Region does not accept individual applications.    Exact dead lines vary every year but they are around middle march. So students and should inform  the academic contacts on due time.

(see details for this academic year).


"Bourse d'excellence de l'UCP" (merit scholarship):

In addition, UCP proposes a merit scholarshipb only  for  M2 students, with outstanding curriculum. The amount of the scholarship is 7000€/yr plus registration fees exemption. This grant is devoted to student  interested in pursuing their Ph.D. in a domain of interest of one of the UCP's research team, namely, in the case of this master,  one research team of the LPTM (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Modélisation).

Interested applicants  should inform one of  the academic contacts of the Master of their intention to apply for this grant. They will have to apply to the Master program and send the application for the grant  (see details for this academic year).



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