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Make the most of your academic stay in France: improve your French and discover French culture!


The University of Cergy-Pontoise UCP offers a broad range of bachelor's degree, master’s and doctorate courses in five major disciplines, together with renowned research laboratories. Ideally located 30 km northwest of central Paris, in the Val d'Oise area, the university has gained an excellent reputation, both locally and nationally, attracting a large number of international students. Keen to ever develop its international ties and offer the best experience to its international students, University of Cergy-Pontoise has set up through CILFAC (International Centre for Foreign Language and Cultural Activities) a range of French classes designed specifically to allow international students to develop their communication skills and knowledge of French culture.

Throughout the year, students can follow a six-hour weekly course in French, on top of their main studies. Full details of the programme are given to students at the beginning of each semester and can also be found on the web site.

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Certification based on the recognised European standard in modern languages. At the end of each semester, those students that have regularly attended class are given a CILFAC “French Language Certificate” indicating their level of proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1).

NB : the core units taught at the CILFAC are compatible with the ECTS, or European Credit Transfer System. A student who follows 3 two-hour classes over a period of 12 weeks will be awarded 6 ECTS at the end of the semester (one class = 2 ECTS).

Personalised intensive courses

- Autumn seminar
Each September, our international students are given the chance to attend an intensive French language seminar designed to bring them up to speed ahead of the academic year. The two-week seminar covers all the language basics necessary for getting to know other foreign students, the CILFAC team and the International Relations Office.

- Upon request, the CILFAC organises adapted seminars on French language and culture for foreign institutions. For the past 10 years, a two-week course has been given in September to students from the Osaka Prefectoral University in Japan. The course was co-designed and implemented by French and Japanese staff to ensure fully bilateral and bicultural content.


Registration for CILFAC classes September 2016/2017

Registration for CILFAC classes open for the second semester on 15th December to 15th January 2017*

University of Cergy-Pontoise - Tour des chênes, 3rd floor, office 314 - CILFAC

*Places are limited 

Classes start on 30th January 2017. 

Please note that we cannot make any refunds once classes have started. 

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