Scholarship Opportunities in Brazil

04.12.2017 - 10.12.2017

International Business School Americas is currently proposing scholarship opportunities to students who wish to refine certain skill-sets needed for leadership positions in international companies.

Each year IBS Americas provide a limited number of 70% tuition scholarships to schools from France, in order to continue to ensure a rich melting pot of  ideas/cultures/nationalities during class discussions. Each scholarship is equal to about $4,000 USD, leaving the cost to students at around US$ 1,350 in tuition fees. 

Scholarships are available to programs in São Paulo, hosted in partnership with UNIP - Universidade Paulista, the largest university in Brazil. Every year International Business School-Americas hosts over 1,500 students as they travel to our partner Universities’ campuses to study and experience international business with like-minded colleagues from around the globe.

We hold  for students  

Short-term, intensive business certificate programs (2 & 3 week, intensive courses) are taught entirely in English. All of them run during the holidays, in January, July and August.

Communication from IBS Americas : 

Enrollment for the following multicultural programs, along with extensive travel preparation and in-country support, is now open in São Paulo, the most important business hub of South America: 

  • Strategy & Marketing for Emerging Countries (SMEC); 
  • Survival Portuguese & Business Etiquette (SP); 

Along with guest speakers and company visits, students gain knowledge about how to do business in Brazil and other emerging markets, and managerial aspects of the Brazilian business. Programs are offered 3 times a year, as follows: 

January: 2 weeks

July or August: 3 weeks 

This is a great opportunity to explore Brazil, one of the newest economic world powers, while exploring new academic and professional horizons. Our last groups were composed of students from more than thirty-five different countries. You may also visit our YouTube channel to watch testimonials from our students at Universidade Paulista. 

If you are interested, please reach out to admissions officer Mr. Júlio Quadros, (julio.quadros @, for more information, not later than December 10th of 2017. 


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