Beninise delegation visits the UCP

18.12.2018 - 18.12.2018

During the week of 18th December 2018, the university of Cergy-Pontoise welcomed a delegation of Beninise teacher-researchers within the framework of the exixting agreement between the UCP and the University of Abomey-Calavi which was signed in spring 2018.

The visit was full of exchanges and projects: preparation and organisation of the launching of the conference entitled “culture, heritage and development” to be held in Benin in 2020, the  Beninise teacher-researchers’ role in the DCVP Master course, meetings about research collaboration and a visit of the Techedulab platform with Alain Jaillet, executive vice-president for international development (Africa and Francophonie).


This partnership is very active between researchers from the MRTE laboratory and teachers from the “Institut National des Métiers d'Art, d'Archéologie, et de la Culture” of the UAC. Several missions in Benin have been co-funded by the local agglomeration authorities of Cergy-Pontoise (decentralised cooperation) and, largely, by the French Embassy in Cotonou for the last two years. In spring 2018, the president of the UAC as well as the international relations representatives, the UAC partnership members and the INMAAC team had also received a visit from Elizabeth Auclair and Anne Hertzog. The teams are currently working together on projects such as the identification and appreciation of heritage in Benin and in Porto Novo.


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*ANNE HERTZOG , Teacher-researcher in Geography, MRTE Laboratory, University of Cergy Pontoise, "Arts et Humanités" UCP seminar coordinator, in partnership with the Scène Nationale theatre in Cergy-Pontoise (together with Elizabeth Auclair)

*DIDIER HOUENOUDE, Art Historian, Director of the « Institut National des Métiers d'Art, d'Archéologie et de la Culture » (INMAAC) University of Abomey-Calavi

*Romuald TCHIBOZO, Art Historian, Assistant Director of the « Laboratoire d'Art, d'Archéologie et d'Expertise Patrimoniale » at the University of Abomey-Calavi

*Didier N'DAH, Archeologist, History and Archeology department at the University of Abomey-Calavi, Director of the “Laboratoire d'Art, d'Archéologie et d'Expertise Patrimoniale” at the University of Abomey-Calavi

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