ZUST visits UCP (Civil Engineering double degree) October 2017

12.10.2017 - 17.10.2017

In October this year, the UCP welcomed M. Zhan Jun, general secretary of the Civil Engineering and Architecture Department of ZUST and Mr Tong YunYun, Civil Engineering Professor in the same establishment. Discussions concerned an ongoing collaboration in the framework of a double Franco-Chinese bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. The delegation stayed in France for almost a week between 12th and 17th October 2017.

This study track, which opened in September 2013, implies research professors from both the ZUST Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the UCP Civil Engineering department from the Faculty of Science and Technology. The UCP professors provide about one third of the scientific and technical courses in the French language, on site in China.  The first year student group graduated in 2017.

During their stay in France, Zhan Jun and Tong YunYun met with the ZUST students currently following the third year bachelor degree and the first year master degree for the 2017-2018 academic year.

They were also present at several meetings with:

-          the Editorial and Communication Engineering Master year group, who are working on a video project which will be a presentation tool for the double degree

-          colleagues from the Student Life Observatory to discuss the implementation and follow up of double degree students in relation to furthering their studies and professional integration

-          the CILFAC to prepare the new French language test in June 2017 for first and second year students of the curriculum

-          the International relations office in order to revise the organisation of the fourth intensive summer course “French language and Civil Engineering” for double degree students

-          colleagues from the Civil Engineering department to discuss the development of  relations with construction companies, possible future research agreements and the project of a double master degree in Civil Engineering 

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