ECODEP Conference

September 9-11, 2020

09.09.2020 - 11.09.2020

The problems of Ecology and Epidemiology are fundamental in the nowadays world and the whole aim of the current project is to impulse progress from pure modelling issues, to statistical and decisional issues, until more descriptive and data oriented questions.

The online Ecodep opening conference  will thus investigate possible orientations for the project ECODEP.

Transverse sessions will naturally be prefered to the thematic ones.
A round table at the end of this conference will provide a frame for future actions.

This Conference aims at exhibiting
-the Statistics and Probability needs of Ecologists for fruitful models
-the Probability or Statistics will also orient modelling issues.
Tipically transverse works may make use of the tools choosed for expositions.

The project includes a wide number of collaborators to make such issues possible.

We will thus try to:
- develop probabilist models of population dynamics
- develop statistical tools for applications.
- implement such tools for applications in ecology

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