Quantum Spin Systems

22.06.2015 - 24.06.2015

The department of mathematics (AGM) and the theoretical Physics laboratory (LPTM) of University of Cergy-Pontoise will host, on 22 to 24 June 2015, a three-day workshop on

"Quantum Spin Systems: Recent Advances''

Lectures on Entropy will be given by V. Jaksic (McGill University) from 3 to 5 June.*

An advanced course on Quantum Spin Systems will be given by B. Nachtergaele (UC Davis) from 16 to19 June.**

S peakers

  • Sven Bachmann (LMU - München)
  • Fernando Brandao (Microsoft)
  • Sergey Bravyi (IBM)
  • Nilanjana Datta (Cambridge)
  • JW Haah (MIT)
  • Jutho Haegeman (Gent)
  • Vojkan Jaksic (McGill University - Montréal)
  • Nikolai Kitanine (Dijon)
  • Spiros Michalakis (Caltech)
  • Pieter Naaijkens (Hannover)
  • David Perez Garcia (Madrid)
  • Pierre Picco (Marseille)
  • Johannes Richter (Magdeburg)
  • Wojciech De Roeck (Leuven)
  • Shannon Starr (UAB - Birmingham)
  • Véronique Terras (Orsay)
  • Daniel Ueltschi (Warwrick)

* Plan of the lectures : click here (lectures by V. Jaksic)

Time and place : JUNE  3, 4 and 5 : 

Room  E 5.54  Bâtiment  E, site de Saint-Martin

**Plan of the course : click here (course by B. Nachtergaele)

Time and place : JUNE  16, 17, 18 and 19 :   

Room  E 5.54  Bâtiment  E, site de Saint-Martin


  • Laurent Bruneau (UCP)
  • Flora Koukiou (UCP)
  • Bruno Nachtergaele (UCDavis)
  • Robert Sims (U Arizona)


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Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Amphithéâtre Colloques
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