International Interdisciplinary Conference

30.05.2013 - 31.05.2013

In a world where cities are ever increasing in size and significance, how can conservation, heritage and development be reconciled? How can policies and practices of conservation be integrated into the wider goals of urban development with full respect of related environmental, social and cultural values and concerns?
This international conference focusing on historic urban landscapes and sustainable development brings together cultural policy experts, archaeologists, historians, geographers, economists, heritage practitioners, urban planners and architects, in order to explore the question.
In taking a holistic approach encompassing both theory and application across a variety of disciplines, this conference considers how actual policies might be successfully implemented in contemporary cities around the globe, particularly with reference to the 2011 UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape.
The second day is devoted to the Cergy-Stanford heritage science workshop, a meeting point between exact sciences and social and human sciences, where experts examine how interdisciplinary methodology can enrich the study of tangible heritage.

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Appel à communications:
L'axe patrimoine
du CICC (centre de recherches sur les Civilisations et Identités Culturelles Comparées) et le Stanford Archaeology Centre lauréats de la Bourse France-Stanford

Cécile Doustaly (MCF, CICC) et Sophia Labadi (Director, Centre for Heritage, University of Kent, chercheur associé au CICC), ont obtenu avec Lynn Meskell (Pr Anthropology, directrice de l'Archaeology Centre, université de Stanford), la bourse France-Stanford 2012-2013 destinée à encourager la création de liens de recherches durables entre les deux pays.
La bourse de $15 000 vient récompenser leur projet de recherches interdisciplinaires intitulé: "Conservation des villes historiques et Développement durable" (The Conservation of Historic Cities and Sustainable Development) qui a également reçu le soutien du CICC et du Labex Patrima. Une année universitaire de collaboration s'ouvre ainsi entre les chercheurs et les doctorants des deux universités travaillant sur ces questions à partir des sciences humaines et sociales, mais également des sciences exactes. La collaboration se concrétisera par l'organisation de deux colloques, l'un à l'université de Stanford les 7 et 8  mars 2013 et l'autre à Paris et à l'université de Cergy les 30 et 31 mai 2013. Les premiers travaux seront publiés en 2014.

Appel à contributions pour le colloque des 30 et 31 mai (date limite: 30 janvier 2013)
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Pour suivre les actualités du projet, merci de consulter le site du CICC.

Le France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Fondé en 2003 à l’université de Stanford, Californie, en partenariat avec le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères Français, le Centre a pour but de relier les disciplines dans le domaine des sciences humaines, sciences sociales, sciences et technologie, économie et droit, en s'intéressant à des problèmes historiques et contemporains d’importance significative pour la France et les Etats-Unis. Les programmes du Centre permettent aux professeurs, chercheurs et étudiants des différents départements de Stanford d'organiser des échanges avec leurs homologues français afin d’explorer des problématiques communes et d'encourager les projets de recherches collectifs et les études interdisplinaires.


The Research Group on Heritage, CICC (research centre on Cultural Identities and Comparative Civilisations) and the Stanford Archaeology Centre awarded the France-Stanford Grant for their collaborative project "The Conservation of Historic Cities and Sustainable Development"

Cécile Doustaly (Senior Lecturer CICC) and Sophia Labadi (Director, Centre for Heritage, University of Kent, associated researcher CICC), have been awarded jointly with Lynn Meskell (Pr Anthropology, Director, Archaeology Centre, Stanford University), the France-Stanford Grant, which purpose  is to trigger long-term research collaborations between the two countries.
The $15 000 grant rewards their interdisciplinary research project entitled "The Conservation of Historic Cities and Sustainable Development" which has also received the support of the CICC and the Heritage Science Foundation - Labex Patrima (cluster of Laboratories of Excellence). A year of academic collaboration has started between junior and senior researchers from both universities studying these issues from the perspective of the social and human sciences as well as the exact sciences. The collaboration will involve two conferences, the first one organized at Stanford University (March 7-8, 2013) and the second one in Paris and at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (May 30-31, 2013). The resulting peer-reviewed papers will be published from 2014.

Call for the Paris-Cergy conference 30-31 May 2013 (deadline: 30 January 2013)

For regular updates on this project, please consult the dedicated CICC webpage.

The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Founded in partnership with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2003, the Center aims to bridge the disciplines of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Engineering, Business and Law, addressing historical and contemporary issues of significance for France and the United States from a broad range of perspectives. The Center brings faculty and students from across Stanford’s departments and schools together and into contact with colleagues in France, to explore issues of common intellectual concern, to advance collaborative research, and to foster interdisciplinary inquiry.

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