L2MGC - Laboratory of Mechanics and Materials of Civil Engineering


The laboratory activities concern the optimization of construction material’s formulations and the study of structure’s behavior. The researches combine both experimental and modeling approaches, from microstructural scale to macrostructural one. The studies cover physico-chemical, mechanical and coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical problems.

Research activities are organized around two complementary themes:

Microstructure, durability and formulation of cementitious materials

For this research topic, the approach is mainly experimental and based on physico-chemical analysis and on material properties characterization. The microstructure analyses are conducted studying the interface properties of cementitious materials and the influence of mineral admixtures and additives.
Rheology of cementitious materials and polymeric binder one are studied to optimize the formulation of construction materials. Durability is studied through pathologies and damage diagnosis of concrete structures.

Mechanical and thermal behavior of construction materials and civil engineering structures

The objective of this theme is to link the behavior of materials and structures to the constituent material’s one in order to predict the macroscopic properties and to optimize the design. Experimental investigations and numerical modeling are developed, mainly for mechanical but also thermal and / or hydraulic behaviors. The studies allow optimizing mechanical, thermal and coupled properties of heterogeneous materials based on hydraulic or polymeric binders.
Additional topics concern the analysis of the thermomechanical behavior of materials (concrete, grout, geomaterials ...) under specific loads.

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