Publications de l'année 2012

Liste des publications ACL

André, S., Renault, N., Meshaka, Y. & Cunat, C.
From the thermodynamics of constitutive laws to the thermomechanical experimental characterization of a semicrystalline polymer from IR imaging.
Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics 24, 1–20 (2012).

Antit, S., Hassis, H. & Fiorio, B.
Flexural Strength of Laminated Waste Concrete—Normal Concrete Beams.
The Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management 38, 103–116 (2012).

Barbosa, F. S., Farage, M. C. R., Beaucour, A.-L. & Ortola, S.
Evaluation of aggregate gradation in lightweight concrete via image processing.
Construction and Building Materials 29, 7–11 (2012).

Belaidi, A. S. E., Azzouz, L., Kadri, E. & Kenai, S.
Effect of natural pozzolana and marble powder on the properties of self-compacting concrete.
Construction and Building Materials 31, 251–257 (2012).

Belhaoua, A., Gallias, J.-L., Renault, N., Bui, V.-V. & Faucon, P.
Inspection of Railway Track Fastening Elements Using Artificial Vision.
Journal of Transportation research (2012).

Benabed, B., Kadri, E.-H., Azzouz, L. & Kenai, S.
Properties of self-compacting mortar made with various types of sand.
Cement and Concrete Composites 34, 1167–1173 (2012).

Bensebti, S., Aggoun, S., Kadri, . E.H. & Haddad, O.
Experimental test for evaluation of SCC static segregation.
Advanced Materials Research 26, (2012).

Boukendakdji, O., Kadri, E.-H. & Kenai, S.
Effects of granulated blast furnace slag and superplasticizer type on the fresh properties and compressive strength of self-compacting concrete.
Cement and Concrete Composites 34, 583–590 (2012).

Bouras, R., Kaci, A. & Chaouche, M.
Influence of viscosity modifying admixtures on the rheological behavior of cement and mortar pastes.
Korea-Australia Rheology Journal 24, 35–44 (2012).

Coquard, R., Rousseau, B., Echegut, P., Baillis, D., Gomart, H., Iacona, E.
Investigations of the radiative properties of Al–NiP foams using tomographic images and stereoscopic micrographs.
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55(5-6), 1606–1619 (2012).

Djoudi, A., Khenfer, M. M., Bali, A., Kadri, E. H. & Debicki, G.
Performance of date palm fibres reinforced plaster concrete.
International Journal of the Physical Sciences 7, 2845–2853 (2012).

Eslami, J., Hoxha, D. & Grgic, D.
Estimation of the damage of a porous limestone using continuous wave velocity measurements during uniaxial creep tests.
Mechanics of Materials 49, 51–65 (2012).

Kadri, E. H., Aggoun, S., Kenai, S. & Kaci, A.
The Compressive Strength of High-Performance Concrete and Ultrahigh-Performance.
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2012, 1–7 (2012).

Koabaz, M., Renault, N., Pliya, P. & Gallias, J.-L.
Characterization by the Impact-Echo Method of the High Temperature-Induced Damage on Concrete Specimens.
International Review of Civil Engineering (2012).

Makhloufi, Z., Kadri, E. H., Bouhicha, M. & Benaissa, A.
Resistance of limestone mortars with quaternary binders to sulfuric acid solution.
Construction and Building Materials 26, 497–504 (2012).

Makhloufi, Z., Kadri, E. H., Bouhicha, M., Benaissa, A. & Bennacer, R.
The strength of limestone mortars with quaternary binders: Leaching effect by demineralized water.
Construction and Building Materials 36, 171–181 (2012).

Meftah, F., Dal Pont, S. & Schrefler, B. A.
A three-dimensional staggered finite element approach for random parametric modeling of thermo-hygral coupled phenomena in porous media.
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics 36, 574–596 (2012).

Ngo, T.-T., Kadri, E.-H., Cussigh, F. & Bennacer, R.
Relationships between concrete composition and boundary layer composition to optimise concrete pumpability.
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering 16, 157–177 (2012).

Nguyen, T.-D. & Meftah, F.
Behavior of clay hollow-brick masonry walls during fire. Part 1: Experimental analysis.
Fire Safety Journal 52, 55–64 (2012).

Siddique, R., Kapoor, K., Kadri, E.-H. & Bennacer, R.
Effect of polyester fibres on the compressive strength and abrasion resistance of HVFA concrete.
Construction and Building Materials 29, 270–278 (2012).


Liste des publications ACT

Belaidi, A. S. E., Kenai, S., Kadri, E. H., Azzouz, L. & Benabed, B.
Performance of self-compacting concrete incorporating marble powder waste, In T.C. Holland, P.R. Gupta and V.M. Malhotra,. Proceedings of Twelfth international conference on Recent advances in concrete technology and sustainability issues, ACI, pp. 471- 384, 2012 (2012).

Belaribi, O., Belas, N., Aggoun, S., Belguesmia, K. & Safer, O.
Influence des vases de dragage sur les résistances mécaniques des mortiers.
The first International Conference of Civil Engineering, ICCE 2012 (2012).

Belhaoua, A., Gallias, J. L., Renault, N., Bui, V. V. & Faucon, P.
Railway track inspection using artificial vision.
7th International Conference on Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence (ICNNAI’2012), Minsk (Belarus) (2012).

Benabed, B., Kenai, S., Azzouz, L., Kadri, E. H. & Belaidi, A. S. E.
Effects of limestone quarry dust content on rheology and strength of self-compacting mortar, In T.C. Holland, P.R. Gupta and V.M. Malhotra.
Proceedings of Twelfth International Conference on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology and Austainability issues, ACI, pp. 377- 388, 2012 (2012).

Boudchicha, A., Cheikh-Zouaoui, M. & Gallias, J. L.
Influence of parameters of formulation on the mechanical strength of cementing materials with mineral admixtures and superplasticizers.
10th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering (ACE 2012) (2012).

Cheikh-Zouaoui, M., Boudchicha, A., Chikh, N. & Gallias, J. L.
Effect of calcium nitrate and triisopropanolamine on the setting time and the evolution of short term mechanical strengths of cement mortars.
10th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering (ACE 2012) (2012).

Fiorio, B., Aljewifi, H. & Gallias, J. L.
Pull-out behaviour of multifilament yarns embedded in a cementitious matrix: influence of the impregnation process on strength and ductility.
Proceeding of the 4th international symposium on Bon in Concrete, BIC2012, pp. 955-962 (2012).

Ghorbel, E., Wardeh, G. & Mohamed, M. A. S.
Effects of adding waste cellulosic fibers on the frost resistance of SCC.
The 2nd International conference MicroDurability (2012).

Ghorbel, E., El Alaoui, O. & Wardeh, G.
Effect of Adding Short Carbon Fibres on The Mechanical Characteristics and Toughness Of Epoxy Based Polymer Concrete Exposed to Temperature up to 250 °C.
ASPIC 2012 (2012).

Gomart, H., Ghorbel, E. & Wardeh, G.
Formulation et caractérisation mécanique de mortiers à base de sable de bétons recycles.
Actes du congrès NoMaD 2012, Nouveaux Matériaux Durables (2012).

Hai Dang, L., Kadri, E. H., Aggoun, S. & De Schutter, G.
International Conference on Concrete Repair. Rehabilitation and Retrofitting ICCRRR 2012 - Velocity profile of Self Compacting Concrete and Traditional Concrete flowing in a pipe (2012).

Hoxha, D., Eslami, J. & Do, D.
Modeling damage by crack nucleation and growth in porous media.
Second international symposium on constitutive modeling of geomaterials : advances and new applications (2012).

Merdas, A., Fiorio, B. & Chick, N. E.
Bond behavior of carbon laminate strips and rods into concrete by pullout-bending tests.
Proceeding of the 4th international symposium on Bon in Concrete, BIC2012, pp. 1087-1092 (2012). 

Niry Rafinjato, R., Beaucour, A.-L., Hébert, R., Noumowé, A., Ledésert, B., Xing, Z. & Bodet, R.
Influence des caractéristiques physico-chimiques des granulats sur leur comportement et celui des bétons à haute température.
Colloque : Performances du béton soumis à Haute Température (2012).

Pliya, P., Beaucour, A.-L. & Noumowé, A.
Amélioration du comportement du béton soumis à une température élevée par addition d’un cocktail de fibres polypropylènes et métalliques.
Colloque : Performances du béton soumis à Haute Température (2012). 

Thai Nguyen, V., Renault, N., Pliya, P., Noumowé, N. & Ranc, G.
Transferts couplés de chaleur et de masse dans des bétons ordinaire et à hautes performances: application à des éprouvettes de grandes dimensions.
Colloque Performances du béton soumis à haute température : du matériau à la structure (2012).


Liste des publications TH

Mouhtadi, D.
Etude numérique de la convection thermique dans un canal muni de blocs générateurs de la chaleur. (2012).

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