Publications de l'année 2014

Liste des publications ACL

Ke Y., Ortola S., Beaucour A.L., Dumontet H.
Micro-stress analysis and identification of lightweight aggregate’s failure strength by micromechanical modeling.
Mechanics of Materials, 68 (2014) 176–192.

Nguyen L.H., Beaucour A.L., Ortola S., Noumowé A.
Influence of the volume fraction and the nature of fine lightweight aggregates on the thermal and mechanical properties of structural concrete.
Construction and Building Materials, 51 (2014) 121-132.


Liste des publications ACT

Nguyen L.H., Ortola S., Beaucour A.L., Noumowé A.
Micromechanical modeling for poly-dispersed composites: Application to analysis of some failure behaviors.
Mechanics of Composites (MECHCOMP2014), USA, 8-12 June 2014