New developments and challenges of International coach services in Europe : a German and French perspective

Le 24 mai 2016

organisateur : Laurent Guihéry

Germany in 2013, and France recently, are rediscovering long distance coaches. In Germany, it is much more than a rediscovery because in 2014, more than 20 million passengerstook advantage of more than 280 relations, mainly at the expense of the German railway operator: “die Deutsche Bahn” saw its low income and most flexible passengers  ‐ students mainly  ‐ join the coach lines, motivated by very low prices, high frequencies and high speed internet in the bus. New French Coach Operations are starting in September 2015. Six months later, end of February 2016, around 1.5 million passengers travelled by coaches in France (cf. France Stratégies 1.03.2016; Les Echos, 1.03.2016). This mode of transport is not new for many of our partners: it is an essential actor of interregional mobility in most countries of the world, and particularly in the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.   Are we facing today a revenge of the road on the rail in continental Europe? Why does such a new institutional reorganization come so late in France and Germany?   Our workshop will try to investigate the reason of the recovery of long distance coach in France and Germany. Some research will highlight the key role of (new) busstation in the success of this new service and we will present the first results of operating in Germany and France.   

Emplacement : Université de Cergy-Pontoise, site des Chênes, Salle de conférences (Bâtiment des Chênes 1), voir plan d'accès : ici


9:00    Didier Desponds, Chairman of the Labo. MRTE, UCP: mot d’introduction/welcome speech

Laurent Guihery, MRTE, UCP: “Can Liberalization of Transport Services and Regulation be a Driving Force for a stronger European Integration? Towards Intercultural Interoperability”

9:30 Gunnar Alexandersson, Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research: “Liberalization of Long‐Distance Coach Services in Sweden: Market Development and Intermodal Competition”

10:00   Yves Crozet, University of Lyon: “Deregulation of Coach Services in France: “Tempest” or “Much Ado about Nothing”?

10:30‐11:00 Break  

11:00 Prof. Dr. Andreas Knorr, German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer: “Liberalization of the Inter‐city Bus Market in Germany: Three years on”  

11:30 Prof. Dr. Gernot Liedtke, TU Berlin, DLR, and Cornelia Gremm, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany: “Intermodal competition between intercity busses and DB AG in Germany”   

12:00‐ 12:30   Discussion



14:00 Nicolas Pujos, Head of Economic Department, FNTV / French Confederation of Passenger Transport

14:30    Pierre Gourdain, Flixbus

15:00    Elizabeth Esnouf, Director Europe ; Pierre Jampy, Development Director France, Megabus

15:30    Roland de Barbentane, Ouibus  

16:00    Philippe Grand, IVECO Bus, France   

16h30 – 17:00   discussion, research perspectives, European perspectives and opportunities of the foundation of a European Observatory of Coaches Passenger Services.

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