Michael Chorev

Conférencier invité


Michael Chorev de la "Medical School of Harvard" donnera une conférence au LCB.

Portrait de Michael Chorev

Titre de la conférence :

 Advances in the Development of 4EGI-1 –derived Inhibitors of Translation Initiation.

Mercredi 14 septembre 2016 à 11h30 amphi 13 site de Neuville

Venez nombreux !!!

Abstract :

We discovered 4EGI-1 in a high-throughput screening campaign employing a fluorescence polarization (FP) assay that searched chemical libraries for small molecules that would bind to eIF4E and compete with a fluorescence-labeled eIF4G-derived peptide. 4EGI-1 binds to eIF4E, disrupts eIF4E/ eIF4G interaction, and inhibits cap-dependent translation initiation in vitro and growth of human cancer xenografts in vivo.  I’ll describe our recent advances in SAR of this scaffold and in understanding its mode of interactions with eIF4E.

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