Publications de l'année 2018

1. Orthogonal 19F-labeling for solid-state NMR reveals the conformation and orientation of short peptaibols in membranes. Grage, S. L.; Kara, S.; Bordessa, A.; Doan, V.; Rizzolo, F.; Putzu, M.; Kubař, T.; Papini, A. M.; Chaume, G.; Brigaud, T.; Afonin, S.; Ulrich, A. S. Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24, 4328-4335

2. Probing the outstanding local hydrophobicity increase of peptide sequences induced by trifluoromethylated amino acids incorporation. Gadais, C.; Devillers, E.; Gasparik, V.; Chelain, E.; Pytkowicz, J.; Brigaud, T. ChemBioChem 2018, 19, 1026–1030.

3.Trifluoromethylated proline analogues as efficient tools to enhance the hydrophobicity and to promote passive diffusion transport of the L-prolyl-L-leucyl glycinamide (PLG) tripeptide. Oliver, M.; Gadais, C.; Garcia-Pindado, J.; Teixido, M.; Lensen, N.; Chaume, G.; Brigaud, T. RSC Adv. 2018, 8, 14597-14602.

4. Antibody Epitope of human α-Galactosidase A revealed by affinity-mass spectrometry: A basis for reversing immunoreactivity in enzyme replacement therapy of Fabry's Disease. Kukacka; Z.; Iurascu, M.; Lupu, L.; Rusche, H.; Murphy, M.; Altamore, L.; Borri, F.; Maeser, S.; Papini, A. M.; Hennermann, J.; Przybylski, M. ChemMedChem 2018, 13, 909–915.

5. Design, Synthesis and Conformational Studies of [DOTA]-Octreotide Analogues Containing [1,2,3]Triazolyl as a Disulfide Mimetic. Testa, C.; D’Addona, D.; Scrima, M.; Tedeschi, A. M.; D’Ursi, A. M.; Bernhard, C.; Denat, F.; Bello, C.; Rovero, P.; Chorev, M.; Papini, A. M. Peptide Science 2018, e24071.

6. Channel-forming activity of nisin in two mercury-supported biomimetic membranes. Becucci, L.; Giovanni, A.; Papini, A. M., Guidelli R. J. Electroanal. Chem. 2018, 812, 186-193.

7. Lipase-Catalyzed Amidation of Carboxylic Acid and Amines. Manova; D.; Gallier, F.; Tak-Tak, L.; Yotava, L.; Lubin-Germain, N. Tetrahedron Lett 2018, 59, 2086-2090.

8.  Copper(I)-catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC)-mediated macrocylization of peptides : Impact on their conformation and biological activity. Testa, C.; Papini, A.M.; Chorev, M.; Rovero P. Curr. Topics in Med. Chem. 2018, 18, 591-610.

9. Oleanane-type glycosides from the roots of Weigela florida "rumba" and evaluation of their antibody recognition. Champy-Tixier, A.S.; Mitaine-Offer, A.C.; Fernández, F.R.; Miyamoto, T.; Tanaka, C.; Papini, A.M.; Lacaille-Dubois, M.A. Fitoterapia 2018, 128, 198-2, 03.

10. Synthesis of C-pyrimidyl nucleosides starting from alkynyl ribofuranosides. Legrave, G.; Ait Youcef, R.; Afonso, D.; Ferry, A.; Uziel, J.; Lubin-Germain, N. Carbohydr. Res. 2018, 462, 50-55.

11. Antibodies to post-translationally modified mitochondrial peptide PDC-E2(167-184) in type 1 diabetes. Nuti, F.; Gallo, A.; Real-Fernandez, F.; Crulli, M.; Rentier, C.; Piarulli, F.; Peroni, E.; Rossi, G.; Traldi, P.; Rovero, P.; Lapolla, A.; Papini, A.M. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 2018, 659, 66-74.

12. Stereoselective synthesis of 4-hydroxymethyl-1,3-oxazolidin-2-one derivatives from novel 2-hydroxymethylaziridines.  Ouerfelli, O.; Ali Tabarki, M.; Pytkowicz, J.; Arfaoui, Y.; Brigaud, T.; Besbes, R. Synth. Commun. 2018, 48, 2242-2252.

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