Electroactive polymers for bioelectronics and soft microrobotics

le Pr. Edwin Jager de l'Université de Linkoping fera un séminaire intitulé : "Electroactive polymers for bioelectronics and soft microrobotics." le mercredi 22 mars 2017 à 11h00.
Ce séminaire aura lieu Amphi 9.

Electroactive polymers such as polypyrrole and PEDOT are interesting candidates for bioelectronic devices and as actuators for soft (micro-)robotics. A short overview will be given of the various devices and technologies that we have developed in our group. These include mechanostimulation microchips (lab-on-a-chip) for investigation of signalling pathways in urinary cells and electro-mechanically active scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering. In the field of soft robotics we work on textile actuators and microrobotic devices. By employing industrial scale fabrication combined with electroactive polymers, we fabricated textile artificial muscles using weaving to increase the force and knitting to amplify the strain. With regards to microrobots we focus on soft microbots and especially developing novel patterning and fabrication methods for soft microrobotic devices.




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