Micrometer to centimeter scale Dielectric Elastomer Actuators

Le Professeur Herbert Shea (EPFL, Switzerland, http://lmts.epfl.ch/DEA) donnera un séminaire intitulé « µm to cm scale Dielectric Elastomer Actuators » le mercredi 12 février à 16h30 à l'université de Cergy-Pontoise (Site de Neuville sur Oise, Station RER Neuville Université, Batiment F, Salle F102).

Dielectric Elastomer Actuators (DEAs), often referred to as artificial muscles, are stretchable soft transducers consisting of an elastomer membrane sandwiched between two compliant electrodes. DEAs can be used as actuators with strains of over 200%, but also for energy harvesting, as sensors, switches and as lightweight structural elements. These attributes make them particularly well suited for intelligent deformable machines.


Our research centers on µm- to cm-scale miniaturized DEAs. We present the microfabrication, design and operation of a wide range of DEA devices, based on soft silicone elastomers and printed silicone-based conductive inks, ranging from compliant grippers for grabbing small space debris, to foldable control surfaces for small remote controlled airplanes, to arrays of 100x100 µm2 sized devices to apply mechanical strain to biological cells, and fast (150 µs) tunable polymer lenses. We also present a soft 1 cm3 dielectric elastomer energy harvester, generating 4 mW at 1 Hz.

Our research goal is fully flexible smart machines that are reliable, self-powered, incorporating high strain, high energy-density silicone elastomers actuators, with integrated sensing and flexible printed control circuitry.


 40 cm wingspan drone with flexible electroactive polymer control surfaces


3-phase rotary motor driven by a 20 µm thick dielectric elastomer actuator.


PDMS-based multi-segment gripper for debris manipulation.

 Array of 72 200µmx200µm planar actuators to apply mechanical strain to biological cells


Séminaire du professeur Nori Kobayashi

Le professeur Nori Kobayashi (Department of Image&Material Sciences) de l'université de Chiba au Japon viendra faire un séminaire au laboratoire le lundi 21 septembre 2015 à 11h.

Le titre de sa présentation est "Novel Reflective and/or Emissive Display with Electrochemistry". Ses activités de recherche portent sur la fabrication de systèmes électrochromes (fenêtres électrochromes, écrans, e-papers...)

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Séminaire du Professeur Travas-Sejdic (U. of Auckland) 03 juin 2014

Le professeur Jadranka Travas-Sejdic de l'Université de Auckland (Nouvelle-Zélande) donnera une séminaire au LPPI le Mardi 3 juin à 11h en salle F-206.

Ce séminaire sera intitulé:
"Functional conjugated Polymers: towards New Materials for biomedical Applications"

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