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Master 1 in Economics at UCP - Cergy Pontoise University

The new Master 1 in Economics at UCP - Cergy Pontoise University provides rigorous training in economics and econometrics, combining research methods with applied courses. 

During the first semester, students will learn the core elements of micro and macroeconomic theory, mathematics, and data analysis. In the second semester different econometric courses are proposes as well as a set of exciting electives courses. Additionally the student can choose between a stage or the redaction of a thesis. The competences acquired during the M1 will be crucial for the choice of the M2. For example, to apply to the Master 2 in Economic Engineering, students should choose the course Time Series.

The content of courses and program's organization for 2019-2020 is available here.

At the end of the M1 program, students are able to apply to a M2 in Economics. In CY - Cergy Paris University we offer two paths, M2 Economic Engineering or M2 Economic Analysis. Students can also apply to grandes écoles like ENSAE, ENSAI et école de commerce.


How to apply?
Admission results from a decision of the pedagogical committee. The Master 1 Economics is designed primarily to accommodate students with a degree in Economics (a background in Econometrics is essential). Students should submit their application via Ecandidat.


Director of the M1 in Economics: Pamela BOMBARDA, Université de Cergy-Pontoise.
Administrative Coordinator: Mme. Catherine TRAN - Bureau C447 – Chene 1



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