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International University Diploma – General Sciences

Taught in English

This international program in General Sciences enables a non-French speaking student to study science totally in English for the first year while learning French.

French language classes include classes also in scientific French.

In the second year, the students that have successfully passed their year can enter into a second year French program (see below) leading to a National Degree.

An additional support in French is offered in the second year.

IUD - GS Teaching Program (565 student hours) 

 Advantages to this program:

  1. The student studies Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science in 1st year totally in English.
  2. The student learns French while studying Science in English. In this way, the student does not lose a year in order to study French.
  3. The student becomes acclimatized to the French way of teaching (lecturing, tutorial work, exams) although the lectures are in English.
  4. Students are in small lecture and tutorial groups.
  5. With a successful completion of the program, the student obtains a DU Diploma and the equivalence of a 1st year French program in Science.
  6. Integration into a 2nd year French program is facilitated as the student is already in the university system.

Practical Information:

  • English proficiency – IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • Proof of good academic performance
  • Acceptance of candidatures by admission committee
  • Inscription deadline- 1st May  for entry in September
  • Registration fees of 4600 euros for the year
  • Registration fees include the following services: tuition for program, medical coverage for the year, membership at the University Sports and Fitness facility for the year
  • Accomodation in University Student residences is possible on request

Program Director :

Gilberte DOSSEH, 
bureau : D214 (Neuville),
tel : 01 34 25 70 36, 
courriel gilberte.dosseh @ u-cergy.fr or staff.iud-chemistry-and-physics @ ml.u-cergy.fr

Teaching Staff :



Remise de diplôme / Graduation

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